The MillésimeBIO fair took place between 29 and 31 January in Montpellier – France. This event is probably the most important of all dedicated exclusively to organic wines. More than 800 producers from all regions of the world were present, most of them French, a country where the production of organic wines is of significant importance. Portugal was represented with 10 producers, the second time that Maritávora was present at this fair.

Unlike the vast majority of wine fairs, at MillésimeBIO there are no personalized stands or any type of “show off”. Tables are the same for all producers and locations are drawn. They do not even group producers by countries or regions. It is an interesting concept, very democratic, and one that focuses on wines and not on stands.

It is an event reserved exclusively for professionals and visitors from all over the world attend. We received visits from France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, USA, Japan, Sweden, Finland and others.